Modified: July 7th 2021

Solutions brief: Kahoot! 360

Kahoot! 360 is the flagship product for business users. Companies around the world use Kahoot! 360 to deliver in-person and remote training sessions, presentations, meetings, and events that boost engagement, improve learning outcomes, and strengthen team and organizational culture.

Enterprises use Kahoot! 360’s best-in-class collaboration features to create a culture of learning throughout their organization. By equipping staff with a Kahoot! 360 license, knowledge flows seamlessly – connecting employees and ensuring they have engaging, interactive material that helps them learn in the flow of work.

As the world’s leading game-based learning platform, our mission is to make learning awesome for everyone, anywhere – and we’re constantly developing industry-leading tools to ensure Kahoot! 360 remains at the forefront of corporate learning.

In this solutions brief, we’ll detail:

How to get started with Kahoot! 360

After purchasing Kahoot! 360 licenses, you can easily invite colleagues to the platform. Anyone with a license can create and host a kahoot on any topic in any language. The features and functionality available depend on your plan.You can sign up to Kahoot! 360 Standard, Kahoot! 360 Presenter, or Kahoot! 360 Pro, as well as Kahoot! Basic or Kahoot! Starter.

Question types

Kahoots can contain a mixture of question types and features: Assessment question types reinforce content and test knowledge retention, while polling and discussion question types allow hosts to gauge opinions, gather feedback, and spark discussions. Interactive presentation features enable hosts to keep participants energized and involved throughout presentations and meetings, making sure key knowledge is retained.

Ways to play

Hosts can choose to play kahoots live or assign them as a self-paced challenge or as part of a course for learners to complete anytime asynchronously, on desktop or mobile. Self-paced challenges and courses empower employees to learn in the flow of work – perfect for ensuring remote employees stay on track with their training and development. Live kahoots are played in a group setting – either in-person or via a video conferencing platform. Questions appear on a shared screen and participants answer on their own device. Participants can join kahoots without an account.

Video conferencing integrations

Kahoot! is compatible with every video conferencing tool. The host simply has to share their screen and those on the call can join the kahoot. With our Microsoft Teams integration, you can host and play live kahoots without leaving the Teams platform. Hosts can also assign self-paced challenges and send reminders to groups within Teams.


Anyone with a Kahoot! license can track progress and time spent learning, identify knowledge gaps, and get actionable insights with powerful reports. No matter your Kahoot! 360 plan, you can access detailed analytics to support insight-driven instruction – all in one easy-to-navigate report. Reports can also be downloaded and shared with stakeholders.

Choose the right Kahoot! 360 plan for your organization

In this section, we summarize the three Kahoot! 360 plans, touching upon their key features and use cases. For a full overview of features, visit the feature table.

Kahoot! 360 Standard

Best for: Engaging small audiences and testing knowledge retention.

Kahoot! 360 Standard is our entry-level 360 plan. It equips users with classic tools for creating and hosting kahoots that reinforce key points while helping participants stay focused and engaged on the topic at hand.

Player limit: 20

Key features:

  • 2 assessment question types
    • True/false
    • Quiz
  • 1 polling and discussion question type
    • Poll
  • 2 interactive presentation features
    • Slides
    • Premium image library (2000 images)
  • 1 collaboration feature
    • Groups (1 group with 20 members)

Kahoot! 360 Presenter

Best for: Delivering engaging interactive presentations and meetings that keep participants focused, involved, and energized.

Hosts can import slides and add assessment question types to make content stick and include audience participation features to gauge opinions, gather feedback, and spark discussions.

Player limit: 50

Key features:

  • 5 assessment question types
    • True/false
    • Quiz
    • Puzzle
    • Images as answer
    • Multi-select
  • 3 polling and discussion question types
    • Poll
    • Word cloud
    • Brainstorm (1 idea per participant)
  • 3 interactive presentation features
    • Import slides
    • 10 slide layouts
    • Premium image library (Millions of images)
  • 3 collaboration features
    • Groups
    • Question bank
    • Team space

Kahoot! 360 Pro

Best for: Delivering impactful in-person and mobile training and hosting large-scale events.

Create a workplace culture that promotes learning in the flow of work by assigning courses for participants to complete anywhere, anytime – on desktop and mobile. Kahoot! 360 Pro is our most comprehensive plan, and it enables hosts to access our full suite of question types, training functionality, and collaboration tools.

Player limit: 2000

Key features:

  • 6 assessment question types
    • True/false
    • Quiz
    • Puzzle
    • Images as answer
    • Multi-select
    • Type answer
  • 4 polling and discussion question types
    • Poll
    • Word cloud
    • Open-ended questions
    • Brainstorm
  • 3 interactive presentation features
    • Import slides
    • 10 slide layouts
    • Premium image library (Millions of images)
  • 3 specialist training features
    • Courses
    • Assign courses via email
    • Player identifier
  • 3 collaboration features
    • Groups
    • Question bank
    • Team space

Kahoot! 360 features

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How to use Kahoot! 360 for…

Presentations and meetings

While traditional presentations rely on audiences to passively absorb and retain knowledge, Kahoot!’s interactive presentation features involve and engage participants throughout – helping presenters reinforce key messages.

How to create an interactive presentation
Import slides or add content to Kahoot! slides and reinforce content with assessment question types like type answer and multi-select. As well as assessment question types, you can also gauge opinions and gather feedback with Kahoot!’s range of audience participation features, including polls, word clouds, and open-ended questions. These features are a great way to spark discussions and keep ideas and conversations flowing organically.

Interactive presentations are great for reinforcing:

  • Policy changes
  • Product updates
  • Company all-hands
  • Detailing strategy decisions

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One of the most important aspects of any workshop – virtual or in-person – is creating an environment where everyone feels valued and heard. With Kahoot!, you can give everyone a voice, ensuring ideas and opinions are freely and easily expressed

Kahoot!’s brainstorm experience is a structured and engaging way to share knowledge and surface ideas in a virtual or in-person setting. Start by asking a question that addresses a problem. Participants then submit up to three ideas. Once the ideas appear on the shared screen, discuss them as a group before starting the voting process. Participants individually vote for their favorite ideas. It’s a quick and easy – and fun! – way to surface great ideas.

Kahoot! 360 can be used for any type of in-person and virtual workshop, such as:

  • End-of-quarter retrospectives
  • Prioritizing feature development
  • Choosing an editorial focus

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Kahoot! 360’s versatile blended learning solutions allow you to gamify your organization’s training and onboarding. With Kahoot! 360 Pro, you can combine instructor-led training – both in-person and virtual – with self-paced challenges and courses to deliver engaging blended learning programs. What’s more, you can boost completion rates, improve learning outcomes across your organization, and gain actionable insights with powerful Kahoot! reports.

Mobile learning with self-paced courses
Deliver on-the-go learning across your organization by creating and assigning self-paced courses for employees to play anywhere, anytime – on desktop or mobile. Link a series of self-paced challenges to create a course, assign it via email, and send reminders to boost completion rates. Courses are available with Kahoot! 360 Pro.

Kahoot! 360 can be used for any type of in-person and virtual training, such as:

  • Sales enablement
  • Onboarding training
  • Product training
  • Policy updates
  • L&D programs

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Host an engaging event that everyone remembers! Gamify your entire event and maximize engagement for audiences of up to 2000 with Kahoot! 360 Pro. With Kahoot!’s tournament functionality, you can host several kahoots throughout the entire event and combine scores from every kahoot to create a final podium. This is a great way to maintain audience focus and energy, and deliver key points.

Not only is it a great way to engage audiences, Kahoot! reports ensure hosts can track participation and results – allowing them to easily measure if presenters landed their key points. Sending a self-paced challenge that addresses tricky topics to participants after the event is a best practice and a fantastic way to keep audiences engaged with your brand after the event.

Kahoot! 360 can be used for any type of in-person and virtual event, such as:

  • Virtual kick offs
  • Conferences
  • Post-event surveys

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Hosting a one-off event? Read information on our one-time event plans.

Admin features: How to manage large-scale usage with Kahoot! 360

As well as creating a best-in-class learner experience, Kahoot! provides admins with a number of tools for managing organization-wide usage.

Securely manage Kahoot! usage across an organization with single sign-on (SSO)

It’s now easier than ever before to securely onboard employees thanks to new user management tools, including SSO. Our SSO supports SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect 2.0 SSO and is available with Kahoot! 360 enterprise plans.

Monitor activity with usage reports

Easily monitor large-scale Kahoot! activity with usage reports, which provide the account owner and admins with control and visibility into how their organization utilizes the Kahoot! platform.

Filter the report to view a specific timeframe as well as check the usage of a particular user. For example, owners and admins can use the usage report to discover:

  • Who’s hosted the most kahoots
  • How many live games have been hosted
  • How many self-paced challenges have been assigned
  • The total number of users hosting and creating kahoots
  • The total number of kahoots created

Collaboration made easy with Kahoot! 360

Kahoot! 360 features a number of collaboration tools that streamline content creation and improve knowledge sharing across a team or a whole organization.

Question bank

Save time when creating kahoots by reusing or customizing content from the question bank, which is home to millions of pre-made questions from our community of users and members of your organization.

Team space

A team space is designed to boost collaboration at scale by helping an organization create a centralized library of learning material. It’s ready-made for organizations that want to retain full oversight and ownership of their content while providing colleagues with a secure, one-stop-shop of high-quality kahoots.


Groups provide greater flexibility for sharing and collaborating as any Kahoot! user can set up a group and invite individuals of their choosing – from within their organization or from an external group. Unlike a team space, where members create one centralized library of content, Groups let Kahoot! users build curated banks of content that are targeted to specific use cases and individuals – saving time and ensuring relevant resources find the right hosts.