Modified: July 7th 2021

User management

Enjoy seamless user management and enhanced security with single sign-on (SSO). Our SSO supports SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect 2.0 SSO and is available with Kahoot! 360 enterprise plans. We currently support Google, Apple, and Microsoft. For enterprise customers, we also support federated logins. We are happy to provide you with further documentation on setting up SSO with Kahoot!.

You can also set levels of access with four user roles, which help to simplify and streamline using Kahoot! at scale. Here’s an overview of the varying levels of access each user role enjoys in an organization’s shared space:

  • Owner: The owner has the highest level of access. Only they can access and manage billing matters; add more licenses; assign admin privileges; view and download invoices; and upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a subscription.
  • Admin: An admin can access all features and functionality, except for permissions reserved for the owner. They can invite and remove members from the team (based on the number of licenses set by the owner), set user roles; create and edit org groups; change the team’s name and logo; and access any kahoot in the shared team space.
  • Member: This is the default role during onboarding. Members can access every section of the platform, but they cannot extend invitations or purchase licenses. They can edit org groups; host, assign, and edit any kahoot in the shared team space; and view advanced visual reports.
  • Limited member: A limited member does not have access to all the organization’s kahoots or shared space. They can be invited to org groups and have their own folder within the shared space. They can host, assign, and edit kahoots shared with them but can only see reports of their own kahoots.