Modified: April 5th 2024

Billing, procurement, and payment

We’re happy to provide relevant information upon request if you have any procurement and billing questions.

Please note that you can find payment details relating to your account on your most recent invoice. For information on whether or not tax is included in the price of your subscription, please visit this page.

Frequently requested items that we can provide:

  • W-8 BEN-E
    The W-8BEN-E tax document is provided to US-based companies to confirm that a vendor is a non-US organization. As a Norwegian company, Kahoot! is defined as a non-US organization. By filling out a W-8BEN-E form, US entities are exempt from 30% withholding tax, according to US tax regulations.
    You can download our latest W-8-BEN-E form here.
  • Tax residency documents
    Depending on your location, we can provide a confirmation of residence, which is a country-to-country specific form signed by Norwegian tax authorities. It verifies the location of our registered office for tax purposes.
  • Payment confirmation details
    You can securely purchase Kahoot! licenses online. However, invoices are also available for enterprises. Read more about your billing options.

Don’t see the resource you’re looking for in the list above? Please send your request via this form.